• AB Online Physio

    AB physiotherapy provides online telehealth, utilising a secure videolink. This option can provide diagnosis and management of acute injuries, continue and progress your exercises and provide postural and ergonomic advice. or create a sustainable home exercise program, . You will be sent an email link prior to your appointment.
    This allows you the flexibility to remain in your own home, become more knowledgeable about managing your health, and have continuity of care if you are unable to attend the clinic, so you can move well and stay well.

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  • GLA:D™ Australia

    GLA:D stands for Good Living with Arthritis: Denmark. It is a good-living and exercise program for people with osteoarthritis of the knee and hip, developed in Denmark. It is suitable if you have mild, moderate or severe osteoarthritis of the hip or knee

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  • Knee assessment, joint and ligament

    What is osteoarthritis?

    Osteoarthritis (or OA) is a lifelong joint disease that can start without any obvious reason. OA is a disease that affects the whole joint, and is the leading cause of inactivity in people over 65 years of age.

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  • Keeping your balance

    Balance is an integral part of how we live our lives. A reduction in balance can impact your ability to stay fit and active, play sports or keep up with the grandkids. One in four Australians over the age of 65 will experience a fall that can result in significant injury, often due to poor balance reactions.

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  • Physio corrected warrior two pose

    4 Reasons Why You Should Attend Our Yoga Workshops Today!

    Are you interested in yoga but not sure where to start? If you're looking for a way to improve your flexibility, gain more strength and bring balance into your life, then our Yoga Meets Physio workshop is for you! Suitable for beginners to intermediate yogis, see why everyone is loving our hands-on workshops.

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  • Walking outside for activity and exercise

    How to make your daily walk an effective exercise

    Our bodies have been engineered over thousands of years to be very effective at walking. What that means is that your daily saunter around the block may not be challenging your muscles or your heart and lungs, and you are therefore missing out on the multitude of benefits of cardiovascular exercise.

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