What is GLA:Dâ„¢?

GLA:D stands for Good Living with Arthritis: Denmark. It is a good-living and exercise program for people with osteoarthritis of the knee and hip, developed in Denmark. It is suitable if you have mild, moderate or severe osteoarthritis of the hip or knee. The program has 28 000 people on the registry in Denmark, it is now running in Canada, China and Australia.

What is different about this exercise program?

This exercise program includes two hours of compulsory education sessions. This enables you to have greater knowledge and understanding of osteoarthritis. It teaches you coping strategies and ways to manage your pain, alongside learn specific pain rules so you know how, and when you can increase your exercise.

How does it differ from a gym program?

This program includes neuromuscular exercises, enabling you to understand where your joint is in relation to your body. You will have more stability in the joint after the program, as well as knowledge of how to continue the exercises after the program has finished.

Do I need special equipment?

This program is designed for you to be able to continue at home. It utilises your body weight and a few easily accessible pieces of equipment such as resistance band, sliders and a fitball.

Do I do this program instead of other physical activity?

This specific exercise is designed for you to do twice per week, progressing to three times per week. This would be in addition to any other physical activity. The recommendation for physical activity is a total of 150 minutes per week. Hopefully this will help you reach that goal!

Can I do these exercises in the pool?

Some of these exercises can be done in the pool. It may be a beneficial adjunct to a land-based program, however the aim for this program is to be completed on land, so you can work on improving your joint stability and use visual feedback for alignment.

Is this program suitable after joint replacement?

Yes, this program is designed for both pre- and post-joint replacement or arthroscopic surgery. Studies have shown that some individuals booked in for surgery are able to complete the program and indefinitely postpone their surgery.