Floating with suppostrs in the pool


Hydrotherapy can help you manage back pain and arthritis.

Joint replacement rehabilitation will benefit from aquatic physiotherapy.

aquatic-physiotherapy-hip and knee physiotherapy

Freedom of movement

The water in the hydrotherapy pool provides buoyancy, warmth, and compressive force to help relieve pain, reduce joint swelling, and allow greater freedom of movement. For anyone living in Perth, hydrotherapy rehabilitation programs tailored to your specific condition will enable you to continue independently. Aquatic physiotherapy treatment can be a vital component of your rehabilitation following injury, joint replacement or spinal surgery. AB Physiotherapy Fremantle WA are an experienced team for all aspects of pool physiotherapy.

Steps with handrails to access the pool

Water walking

The hydrotherapy pool access is via steps, and our Fremantle Aquatic physiotherapist will offer support if you are fearful in the water. Learn how you can improve your walking pattern in the water using specific exercises and drills to break down the components. Following spinal surgery, water walking exercises with the spine supported can be beneficial to your recovery. Hydrotherapy rehabilitation can be a stepping stone on your recovery path, or a long-term management solution for chronic joint problems such as arthritis.

Swim stroke correction

Get expert advice on your swimming style, no matter your current level of experience, with our Swim Stroke Correction workshops. Our aquatic physiotherapists have the understanding of how previous injuries or surgery impact on your ability in the water. Physiotherapy swim stroke correction includes techniques to help: breathing, head and arm position, body roll, and effective kick. Swim stroke correction can be undertaken as part of your standard hydrotherapy consult or by attending our swim stroke workshops. Call the clinic to find out more.

Booking your first hydrotherapy appointment

Our hydrotherapy sessions are by appointment only. Please ring the clinic to book your appointment.
An in-clinic appointment is required prior to your first session so we can provide you with an individual program designed for your requirements. However, if your current treating physiotherapist is able to liaise with AB Physiotherapy, we can meet you for a hydrotherapy session at the pool.

Our current hydrotherapy pool sessions are located at either Southern Plus East Fremantle or at State Swim East Fremantle.

25m indoor heated pool. State swim East Fremantle.