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Here at AB Physiotherapy, we want you to perform at your best, whether that’s at work, during sport and exercise, or just in everyday life. Unfortunately, sometimes we injure ourselves, and that’s when it pays to see a sports physiotherapist.

Our Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist, Linda, can assist you in your rehabilitation journey, helping in your recovery so you can get back to doing the things you enjoy.

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What is a sports physiotherapist?

Did you know that in order to call yourself a “sports physio”, you not only need to study a bachelors degree, but you must also complete additional study and become recognised by the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA)? Once you’ve achieved APA titled membership status, only then can you call yourself a “sports physiotherapist”. 

The main difference between a regular physiotherapist and a sports physiotherapist, is that a sports physio has undergone additional studies allowing them to provide more specific knowledge and treatments related to your sporting injuries. At AB Physio, we’re proud to have our registered and titled sports physiotherapist, Linda, on board. 

Conditions our sports physio can treat:

Ankle sprains

Muscle injuries

Rotator cuff tears (shoulder)

Shoulder impingements


Knee injuries

Hamstring, quad & calf strains

Acute back & neck injuries

Work-related injuries

Motor vehicle injuries

We're the go-to physio in Perth for FIFO workers.

We understand the importance of occupational rehabilitation and work with FIFO clients recovering from injury. Your body is your greatest asset and we know you are keen to avoid work-related injuries. Our Fremantle physios will teach you how to best manage your body to prevent injury and enable long-term healthy participation in your workplace.

During treatment, your physiotherapist will provide practical and specific exercise and stretching routines to help you get the best from your body – no matter what your job requirements may be.


Frequently Asked Questions

Usually, no referral is required for private patients, however if you do have a referral please bring this to your consultation as the more information we know, the better. We also frequently work in partnership with your doctor and communicate with them during and at the completion of treatment.

You will need a referral if:

  • - you have been injured at work and are covered through a Workers’ Compensation Scheme.
  • - you have been in a motor vehicle accident and are covered through the Insurance Commission.
  • - you are a Department of Veteran’s Affairs patient (DVA).
  • - you are covered through Medicare’s Enhanced Primary Care Program.

Yes! We offer Telehealth consults for those who prefer to see one of our physiotherapists online. You can book an appointment online here

This comprehensive online digital physio consultation will cover the usual assessment and provide a working diagnosis of your musculoskeletal condition. You will be required to undertake assessment with guidance from your physio. A rehab plan with exercises and education will be provided following the assessment.

Payment will be required prior to the appointment, however if your condition is not suited to online Physio, you will be provided with a full refund and advised or referred to the appropriate service.

Generally, our initial physiotherapy consultations take 45 mins and subsequent consultations are 30 mins. We also offer long appointments of 60 mins for those who require more time, have complex pain, multiple areas of concern, or who are unable to attend a subsequent appointment.

HICAPS and EFTPOS facilities are available at our practice. The amount of rebate you will receive back is dependant on your private health fund and level of cover. If you would like to determine in advance if you qualify for a rebate, how much the rebate will be, or for more information, please contact your health fund directly.

Yes - however we require a Doctor's referral if you are a white card holder.

Yes - however Workers' Compensation claims and Motor Vehicle Accident claims require:

  • - A Doctor's referral
  • - A work cover certificate with other work cover information (Eg WC Claim Number, Case Manager’s name and contact information)

With the appropriate information we are able to bill the insurer directly.

You can find out more information about Workers' Compensation in WA at the WorkCover website here

Yes we do. You must have a current referral from your GP. You will be required to pay the full cost of the appointment and we are able to claim your rebate on the spot provided you bring your medicare card and debit card.

Please bring any relevant x-rays, scans (MRI’s, ultrasounds etc) or other relevant information related to your injury, if you have them. Please also arrive 10 minutes earlier than your scheduled appointment to fill in paperwork.

Please wear comfortable clothing that you can move freely in and are able to reveal the body part needing treatment. If required, we provide towels for draping to maintain privacy and access to the injured area.

We have items for sale that include heat packs, strapping tape, mouldable orthotics, exercise band – theraband, TENS unit, ankle/knee/back braces massage balls and foam rollers. We are also able to order any other specific items required for your injury. You can purchase these at our practice during your appointment or you can pop in during business hours.

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