AB Online Physio

AB Online Physio has arrived

Studies show that online telehealth is an effective and proven method of delivering health services. As an option to help you manage your physical health, get on track with exercises or create a sustainable home exercise program, AB physiotherapy is now offering Online telehealth. This online consultation with video and audio allows us to assess, diagnose and plan your rehab program. This allows you to have the flexibility to remain in your own home, an opportunity to become more knowledgeable about managing your health, and have continuity of care during these uncertain times, so you can move well and stay well.

If you need to review your exercises, learn how to manage hip and knee osteoarthritis or progress your home exercise or Yoga routine then Online telehealth may be a very good option. Whilst some conditions may not be suitable for this telehealth approach, a strong focus of AB Physio management is targeted at education, exercise prescription and self management which can be expertly delivered viathis digital physio practice. Over the years Aurelie has conducted many phone consults for family and friends in far flung places and with her team is well equipped to help you manage your physical health online if required.

Who is suitable for Online Physio?

  • Those with young children
  • Those who need the flexibility of consultation due to geographic location
  • Those who may be recovery from surgery including  joint replacement surgery
  • Those who are frail or have medical conditions that restricts them attending the clinic

Initially Online telehealth will be offered as a follow up appointment for existing clients of the clinic. New patients to the clinic  online telehealth appointments will soon become available. This video conferencing will be conducted through Physitrack, the exercise platform we currently use.  Physitrack telehealth is built around protecting confidentiality, integrity and availability of client data. The video and audio streams are encrypted between call participants.  The free PhysiApp is available on the web and as IOS and Android Apps.

Fee structure for Online Physio

Currently there is no private health fund rebate attached to this service type, however it would be worthwhile to ring your insurer and check this option and perhaps agitate for change! The fee structure initially will reflect this non rebatable service.

Online telehealth short follow up appointment     (15 minutes) $40:00 This appointment is suitable for a quick check of your exercises and some progressions.

Online telehealth standard follow up appointment (30 minutes)  $70:00 This appointment is suitable for follow up of your  home program including Yoga. You can discuss exercise progressions, self treatment & longer term solutions.

Once you have made your online telehealth booking either by phoning the clinic or by booking online, we will email you a checklist of how to prepare for this appointment.