Understanding your body is important to staying well and active. Simple changes in ever day life can help you get the best from your body. We have provided information below to help you build your understanding.


Breathing is something we do automatically everyday. Being mindful of how to change your breath can improve your mood and have other physiological benefits.

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The facts:

  • Relaxed efficient breathing requires less effort and gives you more energy.
  • Breathing through the nose will regulate the correct air intake
    and activate a physiological response (the parasympathetic system) that reduces stress levels.
  • Good posture enables you to breathe more effectively and
    efficiently. The upper neck and shoulders should be relaxed when breathing comfortably

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Managing your back pain

Back pain can vary from sharp pain, dull ache, and spasms. Not all back pain is the same, understanding the cause, and knowing what is the best management for your type of pain will help with the resolution of symptoms.

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Shoulder pain and injury

Shoulder pain is the most common musculoskeletal complaint in the over 65 year old age group. More than 80% of chronic shoulder complaints involve the rotator cuff and the bursa. Getting the shoulder muscles working optimally is extremely important for prevention and resolution of shoulder pain.

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Whiplash may result in an injury to the muscles, joints or ligaments in the neck region. Symptoms can develop straight away or be delayed by hours or days. A combination of treatments including medications, physiotherapy and exercises will assist with your recovery.

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Tight hamstrings

The hamstring muscle group attaches from the buttock region to behind the knee. If the hamstrings are tight this can increase the load on the knees and also significant loading on the lower back.

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