Physio Exercise Classes

Want to get more out of your body? Join our group exercise classes! Our physiotherapy group classes will help you understand how to move better, and develop stronger muscles. Plus, you'll have the assurance of having a qualified physiotherapist in the class right there with you to ensure you move with good alignment and technique. With various classes run throughout the week, you'll stay motivated, consistent and safe with your exercises.


GLA:D Exercise Groups

Our GLA:D (Good Living with Arthritis) program focusses on neuromuscular retraining, including strengthening with resistance bands, walking and balance retraining. This worldwide program is suitable for hip and knee arthritis, as well as pre and post joint replacement surgery rehabilitation. We are GLA:D to help Osteoarthritis!

The GLA:D program consists of 1 x initial 45-min consultation, 2 x FREE 1hr education sessions, and 12 x group sessions, completed over 6-8 weeks (rebatable HICAPS). You can learn more about the GLA:D program here or click the button below to get started.

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Strength and Balance Classes

Want to improve your balance? Our Strength and Balance physiotherapy classes in Fremantle will help you develop better balance and focus on fall prevention. What’s more, these classes will help improve your overall fitness and gain confidence in everyday movement and function. We highly recommend our Strength and Balance classes to those who are over 50 and generally for those who want to stay active as they age.

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Happy Backs

Our physiotherapy back classes called “Happy Backs” incorporates movement retraining with functional exercises. You will use resistance bands, fitballs and Yoga stretching, strengthening techniques and other physiotherapy exercises to help lower back pain and manage conditions such as sciatica or disc bulges.

Our back classes will help you improve your trunk and core strength without aggravating your back, while helping you gain flexibility to reduce the load on your lower back. Learn how to move comfortably so that you can ease your pain and be confident in your spine.

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Physiotherapy posture correction


Yogability is an all-inclusive physio group class that uses chair yoga and modified standing yoga poses that anyone (yes anyone!) can join. Physiotherapy NDIS packages can be used for this class, with options for exercise progression for all levels, utilising yoga & breathing techniques.

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Physiyoga is a group class focused on Yoga techniques that will help you keep on track with the best poses for your level of physical fitness. You will also learn progressions to safely improve your strength, alignment and flexibility.

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Shoulder Group

Managing shoulder rotator cuff injuries, shoulder bursitis and tendinopathy with specific exercises, is evidence based treatment. Our physio shoulder classes are beneficial for movement retraining and strengthening of the shoulder, upper back and arms. This exercise approach will help

  • Restore movement and improve shoulder function
  • Strengthen the rotator cuff muscles
  • Activate myofascial chains and reduce pain

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