Physio Exercise Classes

Physiotherapy group classes will help you understand how to move better, and develop stronger muscles with good alignment and technique.

Having the Physio in the class will help you stay motivated, consistent and safe with your exercises.


Shoulder Classes

Managing shoulder rotator cuff injuries, shoulder bursitis and tendinopathy with specific exercises, is evidence based treatment. Our physio shoulder classes are beneficial for movement retraining and strengthening of the shoulder, upper back and arms. This exercise approach will help

  • Restore movement and improve shoulder function
  • Strengthen the rotator cuff muscles
  • Activate myofascial chains and reduce pain

Physiotherapy knee and hip classes

Physiotherapy Knee Classes which utilise neuromuscular retraining, strengthening with resistance bands, walking and balance retraining are part of the GLA:D (Good living with arthritis) program. This worldwide program is suitable for hip and knee arthritis and also suitable as pre and post joint replacement surgery rehabilitation. We are GLA:D to help Osteoarthritis!

Strength and Balance Physio Classes will help you improve your balance and focus on falls prevention. This will help improve your fitness and gain confidence in everyday movement and function. Suitable for the older adult, these physiotherapy exercise classes are a great way to stay active as you age.

Physiotherapy back classes

Our physiotherapy back classes called Happy Backs incorporates movement retraining with functional exercises using resistance bands, fitballs and Yoga stretching and strengthening techniques. Physiotherapy exercises can help lower back pain and manage conditions such as sciatica or disc bulges with physiotherapy back exercises.

These back classes will help you improve your trunk and core strength without aggravating your back. By improve your flexibility- such as tight hamstrings, you will reduce the load on your lower back. Learn how to move comfortably so that you gain confidence in your spine and ease your pain.


Yoga meets Physio workshops and classes

Yoga meets physio workshops are suitable for beginner yogis and for those that are keen to improve their yoga technique and manage their body with yoga more effectively. These physiotherapy group classes will focus on correct yoga techniques, help you learn modifications of poses suitable for your body and understand the balance between strength and flexibility with therapeutic yoga.

Physioga is a monthly class focused on Yoga techniques that will help you keep on track with the best poses for your level of physical fitness. You will also learn progressions to safely improve your strength, alignment and flexibility.

Yogability is a physio group class that uses chair yoga and modified standing yoga poses that anyone (anyone!) can join. Physiotherapy NDIS packages can be used for this class with options for exercise progression for all levels, utilising yoga & breathing techniques.