At AB Physiotherapy, our physiotherapists provide assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of physical injuries and conditions to restore mobility and health.


Our physiotherapists will discuss the problem with you, listening to your concerns and creating a clear picture of what has happened. They will get you to move, looking at what structures are involved, and determine whether further screening such as x-rays and other scans may be needed. A thorough assessment will provide provisional diagnosis and treatment pathway. We allow 45minutes for your assessment (initial appointment) as we are then able to assess, develop a clear treatment pathway, and treat the problem all in your first session.


Even with chronic pain, where the cause may be multifaceted (lots of structures involved), a thorough assessment will provide us with a provisional diagnosis and a direction for your management. With this knowledge we will be able to help you understand why your problem has occurred and how you can prevent a recurrence.


Our physiotherapists at AB Physiotherapy have a diverse skill set offering specialised treatment in the areas of musculoskeletal therapies, orthopaedics, and hydrotherapy. Treatment may consist of:

    • manual therapy and joint manipulation
    • dry needling (acupuncture)
    • soft tissue techniques such a massage
    • electrotherapy
    • movement retraining and injury specific exercises
    • Self management and education to prevent re-injury
    • Provision of braces and orthotics

Our physiotherapist’s are also able to recommend and fit orthotics, braces, crutches, and provide strapping as required.

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