Over 50’s

As experienced and mature physios, we understand the concerns our over 50’s clients have, and can provide safe, effective treatments to help you lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

We are experienced in a diverse range of conditions, such as:

  • Orthopaedic rehabilitation – pre- and post-joint replacement such as total Hip Replacement or Knee Replacement and Shoulder Replacement surgeries.
  • Hip Pain and Knee Pain.
  • Spinal surgery rehabilitation.
  • Treatment for osteoarthritis and other arthritic conditions.
  • Ankylosing spondylitis treatment.
  • Osteoporosis treatment.
  • Balance issues and fall prevention.
  • Neurological conditions – such as Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.

Our physiotherapists can modify both treatment and management to work with any pre-existing conditions, so nothing gets in the way of your recovery.


Slow recovery after surgery?

We will carefully assess your situation and help you understand why you haven’t improved as expected after injury or surgery. The focus may need to be on other areas of your body which may be contributing to your slow recovery.

The postoperative period can be challenging due to pain and limitation of movement. Our caring Perth physiotherapists will help you manage this while progressing your rehabilitation.


Specialising in Hip and Knee Pain Physiotherapy

Our experienced hip and knee physiotherapists will help you feel less pain, increase mobility, regain flexibility and become more comfortable with your movement.

We analyse how you move, and utilise physiotherapy treatment and specific exercises to improve the function of your joints. Targeted hip and knee pain physio treatments may help you avoid painful and invasive surgery.Our balance and strengthening sessions help improve movement and strength while teaching you to exercise safely.


Effective, targeted approach to treatment

At AB Physiotherapy, we want to help you not only recover from the immediate problem, but provide ongoing maintenance exercise programs to keep you fit and well over the long term.


For hip and knee pain management, and recovery of your joint strength and mobility, come see our friendly and caring Fremantle physiotherapists.