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You deserve experienced physiotherapists who are dedicated to helping you manage your body – whether a recent injury, ongoing pain, or postoperative recovery. At AB Physiotherapy, you will be able to access services from general physiotherapy, musculoskeletal physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, orthopaedic and sport rehabilitation. To read more about our team, click here.

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All bodies are different and there is no solution that suits everyone. You need a practitioner who is able to listen to exactly what you need and for you to trust that they will provide a solution that suits you best. This requires diligence, experience and attention to detail to help you feel less pain and more confident with your body. The primary focus at AB Physiotherapy is to treat the cause of your problem – not just the symptoms. In addition, we want you to be empowered, knowledgeable, and confident with your body. To learn more about your primary contributing factor of your injury or pain, click here.


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Our Fremantle physiotherapy clinic has been established since 2002 and continues to provide quality care and comprehensive services to those living and working in Perth. If you want to take control of your aches and pains, contact us today.