Make your body better for golf

Make your body better for golf

Is your golf handicap improving?

You will all be familiar with that first round of golf for the season, with everything moving smoothly. Half way through the round however, you start to fall to pieces. Nothing is wrong with your technique, but your body is just struggling to keep up with the demands placed on it. Our Golf Grooves Workshops are designed to make your body better for golf, which should make you a better golfer!


Are you spending time on the driving range without results?

As you complete a round of golf, on average you will swing at high speed more than seventy times. You will be generating and controlling a lot of force through your upper and lower back. Over time your core,back and leg muscles fatigue, resulting in less power and impaired control. This leads to erratic or  poor performance and may make you more prone to golfing injuries.


Three main ways to get golf ready

Improve spine mobility – Decreased mobility through the upper back can lead to increased stress on the lower back. Improving this upper back mobility through stretching and controlled exercise will decrease the potential for overload and reduce neck or back golf injuries.

Creating hip and lower limb stability – With each swing you take, there is a significant transfer of weight to the front foot. Being able to control transfer of weight, alongside the added load of rotation and the impact of hitting the ball is vital for consistent and safe performance to prevent golf injury.

Improve muscular endurance – Being able to maintain the muscle recruitment and strength over the 9 or 18 holes is key to consistency. Effectively walking between holes and utilising lower limb strength to improve power is important in improving muscular endurance.

If you would like learn some specific exercises and drills to aid in your body’s ability to play golf, come along to our Golf Grooves workshops where you will learn targeted home exercises to strengthen and stabilise your body.