Sports & Injury Rehabilitation

Exercise is good for everyone, it is something you can undertake for free, when and where you want.You may think that an injury, underlying joint disorder or neuromuscular condition will limit your ability to undertake exercise. However with guidance and an understanding of available options, you will be able to participate in a form of exercise that suits your needs.

For you, exercise may be for your own enjoyment, mental health benefits, cardiovascular fitness,musculoskeletal strength and maintaining health and well being. Enabling you to participate in exercise is our goal. With a simple approach to exercise, patient practitioners and compassionate staff who listen to your needs AB Physiotherapy is able to help you.

Exercise is recommended for the treatment and management of a wide variety of chronic health conditions and injuries. Knowing what to do or how to start is often the biggest barrier.


Home Programs:

Finding a form of exercise that is safe, sustainable and one that you enjoy is our goal. Before commencing any exercise program our Exercise Consultant will discuss your injury or health problem with you, to establish the most appropriate mode of exercise. They will assess your movement and fitness capacity to establish a starting point, and from this develop a safe and individualised exercise intervention for your specific needs.

    • Exercise programs are tailored to meet your specific needs and goals incorporating the components of Mat Pilates, strength training,stretching,flexibility and balance exercises
    • Mobile services are available, meeting at your local gym facility.


Gym Programs:

Knowing how to set up the gym equipment for your height or body type can improve your performance and decrease the risk of injury. To ‘get the best out of your body’ a gym program which  targets your specific areas of need is provided. We offer this mobile service to most local gyms including:

    • Melville Aquatic Centre & Melville Recreation Centre
    • Fremantle Leisure Centre
    • Next Generation Bibra Lake
    • Warehouse Fitness Centre
    • Freo Fitness
    • Jetts, Anytime fitness & some smaller local facilities
    • And more…


Therapeutic Yoga:

Physios are ideally trained to understand anatomy,biomechanics and pathophysiology to the individual needs when providing therapeutic Yoga. The intervention provided is suitable for the individual, focusing on safety and outcome. The poses and movement sequences prescribed offer a therapeutic impact with a focus on precision. The benefits of the postures,breathing techniques and mindful attitudes serve as a complement to current exercise or treatment programs.

The aim is to assist you to establish a home practice, provide you with alternatives to poses that are more suited to your needs when attending classes. Breathing better is an important component of the holistic approach at AB Physiotherapy. Providing instruction relating to breath awareness,breath to facilitate mindfulness and breath with posture and movement  The skills you will learn with therapeutic Yoga  will allow you to incorporate these techniques throughout your day and to find balance between strength, flexibility, breath, mindfulness and well being.


Hydrotherapy / Swim Stroke Workshop

AB Physiotherapy has established regular hydrotherapy sessions at State Swim East fremantle. Our Swim Stroke Correction workshop is an integral component of this service. Learn more about hydrotherapy.

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