• Walking outside for activity and exercise

    How to make your daily walk an effective exercise

    Our bodies have been engineered over thousands of years to be very effective at walking. What that means is that your daily saunter around the block may not be challenging your muscles or your heart and lungs, and you are therefore missing out on the multitude of benefits of cardiovascular exercise.

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  • Woman standing with good posture


    Breathing is something we do everyday and although it is an automatic process for most, being mindful of how to change your breath can improve your mood and have other physiological benefits.

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  • Managing your back pain

    Spinal pain may occur for no specific reason. This may be as a result of accumulated load (repeated heavy work or exercise), prolonged poor posture, skeletal irregularities (scoliosis or osteoporosis) or arthritis.

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  • Hamstring stretching

    The hamstring muscle group attaches from the buttock region to behind the knee. If the hamstrings are tight this can increase the load on the hips, knees, calf and lower back.

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  • neck physiotherapy treatment of young woman in sitting


    Whiplash is a common term for the acceleration-deceleration forces on the neck that may occur in a car accident or other form of accident. It may result in an injury to the muscles, joints or ligaments, nerves and fascia in the neck or spinal areas.

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  • Physiotherapy for over 50s

    Hip soreness

    For many women, hip pain can be extremely troublesome. Pain on direct pressure on the outside of the hip or with activity may indicate underlying hip bursitis or gluteal tendonopathy, often resulting in lateral hip pain.

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