Frequently asked questions

Do I need a referral?

    No referral required, however if you have a referral bring this to your consultation as the more information the better.

How long do the appointments take?

    For physiotherapy, the initial consult will take 45 minutes, and subsequent sessions are 30 minutes.
    For exercise physiology sessions you will need to allow 45 minutes each session, or 1 hour if your appointment is at a gym.

Can you process my private health claim?

    Yes we can. We have HICAPS facilities which allow us to process your claim through your private health insurance, and you only pay the gap.

Do you accept Workers compensation claims?

    Yes, however Workers compensation and Motor vehicle claims require Doctors referral/work cover certificate with other work cover information (eg WC claim number, Case managers name and contact information)

What do I wear?

    Wear comfortable clothing that you can move freely in and are able to expose the body part.

Do I need X rays?

    Scans are not necessary before attending appointment, however bring relevant X- rays if you have these.

When should I consult a Physiotherapist?

    • If your normal movement is limited or changed by your pain or condition.
    • If your pain is continuing for>48 hours, or not improving significantly in this time.
    • If there is spasm or knots in the muscles in and around the painful area.
    • If the pain recurs with a gradual return to normal activities or training.

(Consult a Doctor if you are suffering medical problems with your pain, eg fever,sweating,nausea, stomach cramps)

When should I consult an Exercise Physiologist?

    • If you have been referred by the Physiotherapist or Medical Practitioner
    • If you have recovered from a recent illness or injury and need help with body reconditioning
    • If you are keen to improve your fitness and strength in the absence of acute pain
    • If you would like to be able to enjoy the physical activities you undertake with ease

Don’t let minor injuries become major set backs, contact us.